Getting Ready To Litigate

So, I was contacted by an attorney regarding an inspection conducted in July 2010. Where, the attorney is stating that I did not exclude, in writing, a portable generator and the I am in violation of Florida 468, Chaper XV regarding Disclosure and Home Inspection Report.

This attorney seems to have a hard on for this and is advising her Clients to litigate.

I contacted the DBPR regarding the issue and was told by Richard Morrison, Executive Director, Home Inspection Licensing that this would fall under unlicensed activity and therefore would not be considered in violation of the Statute.

The attorney is stating that only portions of the Statute were included in HB 713 therefore the inspection was conducted in violation of Florida law and the amendment did not include Disclosure and report content.

Nick…we had better circle the wagons as this will surely go to court and could have dire consequences for every inspection conducted between July 2010 and July 2011 where the inspection company or inspector did not possess professional license.

Good Luck.

The lawyer is probably a family member or family friend trying to squeeze you.

I got a call from a lawyer who said it was illegal for me to tell my cleint that I think there is a size discrepency (listed at 4100 sf and was 2800 sf). He said I was operating outside the scope of my profession.

He told me I better call before 11 or he as going to sue me! The office freaked and I jsut went on with my day…he then called again at 12 and said if I didn’t call by 5 he was going to sue me…

No official document except a letter telling me he was watching me in future transactions and to keep all my licenses up to date because he will be checking often…

Relax, get your stuff in order and if your covered, your covered, why are you sweatiing it?

Don’t worry Nick is “Rich and Bored”, he has your back!

:lol::lol::lol::D:D I do remember reading that.

Who did you piss off so that they would be calling about a portable generator?

Litigate what exactly? What damages can you allege from any of this. You’ll be fine. Thats the problem with recessions…too many overthinkers with too much time on their hands…