update on licensing

This just in

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation will be holding a Rules Workshop for Home Inspectors (9:00am - 12:00pm) on May 5, 2010 at 1940 North Monroe Street in Tallahassee Florida.

Please see the link below for details.

A copy of the agenda and draft rules is available at the Home Inspectors website, at http://www.myfloridalicense.com/dbpr/pro/homein/index.html.

If anyone should have questions or concerns about this meeting please call Richard Morrison at 850-922-6020.

I just got it in my email this morning. Scanned over it, mostly good, some I do not like.
The rule making process will hopefully clean it up.
Off to do 2 Sat. inspections…Sat. is suppose to be for playing not working!

Thank you for the updates. Not much time left.