GFCI and whirlpool tub

I inspected a home that has a GFCI breaker for the tub, but the motor wire that plugged into the outlet was 2 wire. Safety concern?? I don’t thnk the GFCI will trip.
Thank you

The GFCI looks for the imbalance between hot and neutral, while a ground is highly recommended, if it is properly wired it will still trip. Was it bonded?

I hope the GFI still works as I don’t have any three prong kitchen and bath small applainces, although the pump on the tub should be grounded somehow.

I don’t know if the motor was grounded. One thing I did when I got home to check this out was to put an adapter for a 2 prong outlet on my GFCI tester to see if it would trip a GFCI outlet. It did not. Was this a proper test?

No, it was not.

A 3 light tester uses the grounding conductor in the test.

There is no grounding conductor on a 2 wire sysytem.

If a GFCI is used on a 2 wire system, the test button on the device must be used.