GFCI breaker protecting GFCI receptacle

Inspected a house with a GFCI breaker protecting GFCI receptacle in 2 bathrooms. My first question: any reason to do this? Seems redundant to me. Shouldn’t each bathroom be on it’s own circuit?

Second question: when the GFCI trips it kills all electrical to the room including the lights. Do any of you call this out as a defect? I have seen it in the situation described above and on when there is only a GFCI breaker and only a GFCI receptacle

The breaker / receptacle scenario is redundant but not an issue.

The bathroom receptacle circuit may serve both lights and receptacles in a single bathroom or the receptacles in multiple bathrooms but not both in multiple bathrooms.

1: GFCI protecting GFCI is redundant but OK.

2:You do call that out UNLESS the circuit is only for one bathroom. If there are multiple bathrooms on one circuit, you cant have the lights protected by the GFCI protected circuit.

Thanks guys, you confirmed my thoughts.

When was the house built ? Those circuit requirements were not always in place.