How to write up a questionable concern

Hi all. I’m a a new inspector, first post to the forum. I need help on how to write up a problem. This has me a little puzzled.
I have a half bath and a full bath that share a wall. 3 sinks, 3 GFCI receptacles. When I use my tester in the half bath the receptacle trips and resets as it should. Go into the full bath and test first and second receptacle with my tester they both trip the 1/2 bath receptacle. Is this an issue as technically the system is working properly because it does trip when needed, but the individual receptacles do not trip. What is the opinion here on how to write this up. Is it a concern?

Not an issue at all. You will find that a GFCI protected receptacle is allowed to protect downstream standard receptacles.

Hope this helps

Thank you for your help. That was my thoughts also just wasn’t sure since all three were GFCI. Didn’t know if each individual should trip independently of the others.

Doug is correct, but, to be more specific… IF a bathroom GFCI protected receptacle is being used to protect other bathrooms… It can ONLY protect other bathroom receptacles… NO lighting or other fixtures in any bathrooms, and NO other rooms than bathrooms!! Receptacles in bathrooms ONLY.


Thanks for the help. I’m sure I will ask lots of questions on here.

It should also be 20amp circuit as of last ~20 (will vary with locale) years. Just had a recent remodel where the remodeler ran #14 with 15amp breaker, he wasn’t a licensed electrician.

While having multiple GFI breakers on the same circuit is redundant it is convenient to have a point of use GFI. However, when you press the button on the GFI breaker, that unit should respond and you should be able to reset it there at that location, not ones in other locations. So it may be wired line- load reversal. Line load reversal requires correction. This is a fairly common defect as some unqualified people install them without figuring out how the power is arriving at the circuit. A ticker would help.

I always write it up for repair when I find multiple GFCI’s on a common circuit. It is a nuisance that the homeowner should not have to live with. I find it mostly in flips and homeowner upgrades.

Home Inspection Law: a home inspector will require repair/replacement all issues that may be a potential nuisance to a client.

You wake up one morning and plug in your curling iron getting ready for your inspection today. There is no power to the standard outlet in the bathroom. So you go check the other GFCI outlets in the house (there are only two) and find and reset the tripped device.

If you have three GFCI devices on one bath circuit do you have a usable outlets at every location? It’s functioning.
If you trip an outlet and one of the GFCI’s trip, the circuit is protected. It’s functioning.
So exactly what is the “Significant Defect” you are reporting?

This does not require a repair/replacement. It is functioning “as intended”. A simple note of which GFCI location needs to be reset is sufficient (if you so choose to fill your report with as much crap as possible to make you look good).

Buyers don’t know what they are buying. They don’t need you to confuse them with repair requirements that are a “Nuisance” to you.

What he said…

Thanks for all the responses. Sounds like just a mention is plenty of information. Btw this is in my on home. I was just practicing with my software and getting to know my equipment. Just getting started.

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GFCI protected receptacle will protect the downstream standard receptacles.

Depends on how they are wired into the circuit. Don’t assume.

Hey Ben -
Hey Ben -
Note on your report exactly what is there, and how it works. Point out the “unusual configuration”. Recommend “correction by qualified contractor, or confirmation by qualified contractor that present configuration is proper, safe, and compliant”.
That’s one way to handle it…OR you can ignore it and wait for the phone call. Don’t be impatient - it’ll take 3 - 6 weeks after closing for that phone call to happen. :flushed:

THE call. I’m sure I will get some. Have to get that first job first. Like I said I’m new at this. Still getting my name out in my area.