GFCI does not trip itself, but does downstream

Title says it all. What would cause this? Tested with a standard plug in style GFCI tester.

Sounds like the GFCI receptacle is ungrounded. Did you try testing with the TEST button?

Line/Load reversed.

According to my trusty lights on my sperry, wiring is correct.

Test button on GFCI outlet itself trips circuit , sperry does not trip circuit, unless you are downstream at another recepticle then it trips GFCI.

A test light will not indicate a line/load reversed wiring.


Wired wrong

Thanks for the input gentlemen.

Darin…don’t want to just leave you hanging. Here’s some more information and also know newer (>'06) GFCI’s have built-in protection to detect & indicate when the Line/Load is reversed.

From :

YES! Thanks Michael. Exactly what I needed.

In addition to Michael’s great info here is a link to a Power Pointexplaining GFCI function and installation.

Note this quote related to your discovery.

If the branch circuit conductors from the panelboard are connected to the GFCI “load” side terminals and downstream receptacles are connected to the “line” terminals … what happens?
When the test button is pushed … it trips.
•When a tester is plugged into the downstream receptacles after the trip… they are de-energized.
•When a tester is plugged into the GFCI receptacle… it is NOT de-energized… Even though the GFCI has tripped.
Downstream receptacles are protected/GFCI receptacles are not protected
This is why there is a label covering the load terminals.

Darin -

I think the important thing to remember and report is:

The GFCI is not working properly, have a licensed and competent electrician service and repair this.

Thanks Chris for the Powerpoint.

That’s what I will put in my report Dan. As we are generalists I don’t want to put too much in the report and sound like an electrical expert.