Gfci in bedroom?

Thanks for all the help.

I don’t think anyone ever answered this part of the question for you. This condition occurs when the GFCI is not wired properly, i.e. the “Line” and “Load” terminals are miswired.

Yours has a white button Bob.

Hmmm true but we sure need more info.
Good thread as I never gave it a second thought before.
Seems they are always labeled.

Phil, RE: the plug-in tester. UL only recognizes the built-in test button as a valid test.

I originally posted a response in this thread based on my personal experience as an inspector. I have run across this condition on numerous occasions where the installer mistakenly placed GFCI type breakers where AFCI type breakers are required.

I fact-checked my response by researching the specific breaker as pictured in the initial post.

Subsequently, I have no doubt that the breakers pictured in the original post are GFCI type, and not AFCI type breakers.

By need more info, I am referring to wishing to know what physical characteristic a GFCI vs AFCI might have on the casing.

That would be too easy :smiley:

What difference does that make?

You could use a 15 amp or a 20 amp circuit. This is a design issue not a code issue. IMO for a bedroom, 20 amp is overkill.