Tested a GFCI receptacle and the lights on my tester showed everything to be okay. Pushed the button on tester and the gfci did not trip and the tester lights changed to reverse polarity. Can anyone explain? Thanks.
Jason R.

You have a faulty GFCI. :slight_smile:

Defective GFCI receptacle. . .

This is common for GFCI receptacles manufactured prior to the “lock-out” type that are manufactured currently. I’m guessing the receptacle was manufactured in the '80’s to early '90’s.

I find that in about half of the pre-2000 homes I inspect. Jeffy’s correct–GFCI don’t work so good.

always double check your “Tester” in a different plug to verify it is working and if it is then regardless of what it could be, it is clear the receptacle has some sort of problem be is defective or reverse polarity…either way note it as abnormal and defer to licensed electrical contractor.