Quick question

When we come across a non-GFCI outlet near a water source should we recommend upgrading as a safety precaution or should we add it to the repair/replace catagory ??

What is the accepted practice for citing this issue??

Many Thanks…

#1 I assume that you live in Vermont…

#2 What does your client want to know?

#3 what does your contract say?

Does your (unknown)state have a HI law?

What does the code dictate for the age of the house.

There is no requirement for any homeowner to upgrade an old house (or any house) to todays standard (code)> not that we have any say so about code interpretation.

I have an “Informational” button I click for items like this if it wasn’t required when the Shaq was built, or someone forgot to install a GFCI.

Regardless, I recommend upgrading to a GFCI for safety reasons, today’s electrical standards, and put it in the Summary as well, in Red Text.

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On this and any thing reguarding safety I always RECOMEND up grading, and yes I too put it in red.

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