Goo in receptacles?

Performed a inspection today and found odd looking substance in probably 90% of the receptacles. It was always in the bottom grounding hole of the three prong receptacle. It was dark brown and appeared to have be fluid enough to run down the receptacle a short distance. My first thought was some type of insect but I don’t know why they would only enter the grounding port. Has anyone see or heard of this? See attached photos. Thanks for any information.


This has been discussed on here before. I would bet the house has an ungrounded two wire system. This is know to be done to make sure someone doesn’t plug something in that requires a ground. I personally don’t like it and would recommend that the two prong receptacles be installed.

The material in the hole was soft and would not stop a plug. I did use a knife and pull some out to see if I could tell what it was. The house was 24 years old so I don’t think two prong wiring would have been installed. It was a foreclosure and had probably sat a while. Not sure if this had anything to do with it or not.

bugs many types as long as the can get their arses in to lay eggs

wasps filled these


Yep 24 years wouldn’t require them to be filled in. Weird stuff. The bugs and their eggs is gross but I guess anything is possible.