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My partner and I are just starting out in the Home inspection business. We plan to do Regular Home inspections but also do 2 sb-categories working with My Florida Safe Home as well as energy audits for prospective clients.

I guess my first question is where to begin…Licensing will not be a problem…But what other Tests and Certs should be received to enable us to stick out from the crowd?

We both have over 50 Years experience in HVAC, Framing, Electrical, Home Openings…(Windows, Doors, Etc).

Also any knowledge you can throw our way to get us on track would be greatly appreciated.

We both are realists and understand that the market is down right now…but this is a good thing for us!!..We boh figure the learning curve is best achieved during slow times!!

Thanks for any response I get!!

Dom DIcara

You didn’t quit you’re day job did you??? Good Luck.

as energy audits for prospective clients

I think only Power Companies can do those in Florida

FPL does them for free down here. Not a great business to try and get into.

As for My Florida Safe Home - why would you want to torture yourself?

Get out with other inspectors .
Mentoring is the best .
Pay for each trip $50.00 is a reasonable amount .
Even if you have to drive over 100 miles to get out with other inspectors it will be the best money you ever invested .
Joining NACHI is also a great investement.
24 trips will be the best $1,200:00 you ever invested.
More if possible the returns are huge .
unfortunately most do not do this and the failure rate in this industry is about 90% in three years .
Invest in mentoring and the odds are you might not be one of the 90%ers.

Been there seen the rewards .
… Cookie

Understood…what Kind of “torture” does Safe Home create???

Thanks Cookie…great advice…Have a couple of guys already lined up to ride with. Also I am taking your advice of joining NACHI

Advice: Get insured but don’t advertise it as this “Not to worry, we are insured” means “Not to worry, you should sue me.” Another would be not to quit your day job yet. Market, Market, Market, every single day. Train, Train, Train, every single day. Join NACHI and visit the board every single day. NACHI is the inspection industry. If you can’t get an answer here you will not get one. Prepare for long days even if you are not getting paid. You are the owner, payroll clerk, inventory specialist, marketing manager, accounts receivable and payable, financial planner, maintenance person, computer data entry, etc. So much more to add but I gotta go.
Good luck,

Little pay (if you get paid at all)


Thanks Randy…all you guys are giving me great info. will join NACHI ASAP. As for not quitting my day job, My work permits me some great freedoms so that should not be a problem

Thanks again


Now go inspect!!!

Will do!!

Welcome Aboard, Dominick !!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

At least he spells it with a k at the end so we won’t get confused.

The Sicilian Way!!..