Goodman Dean

Any inspectors out there who have ever done business with real estate services company called Goodman Dean? What was your experience? They are asking me to quote a job.
In advance, thanks.

I know nothing of them, except:

If you decide to participate with them, please let the members know your experience of it. :slight_smile:

Did an inspection for them a few weeks back. They are an assest management company and the inspection was for a PMI company they represent. I sent them my agreement a week ahead of time and it took them a week after the inspection to get it back to me. They also modified my agreement without consent. They removed the inspection fee from the contact so the PMI company would not know my fee vs what they were charging. Louisiana requires the fee for the inspection to be on our contacts. I called them out on it and they asked if I could just write it in after the fact. Stood my ground and said no. They fussed about it but got it back to me unchanged.
The inspection itself was easy. 2010 built foreclosure with no utilities on. I charged them my normal fee for the sq footage and disclaimed everything to do with gas, water, and electric. Still waiting on a check. They told me it takes about a month to process.

So Goodman Dean reached out to me last night about performing an inspection.
I used the search function on this forum and found a couple of threads on them. Seems like the biggest problem is that there is delayed payment.

In their email they stated that they pay within 10 days of receiving the report.

For me as a new inspector I could:

  1. Use the inspections to help refine my skills
  2. Could use the income, even if delayed by a week or two,

If anyone has a solid reason not to work for them I would love to hear it.


I have done a few inspections for them: mostly repo. I got paid within two (2) weeks each time. I did not change my pricing from standard.

So I have an inspection for them being scheduled for early next week. I sent a pdf of my inspection agreement, who would normally sign it? The buyer, the company, or?

Just want to make sure everything is done properly, and necessary protections are in place. Thanks all for the help! This place has been a big help in getting up and running!

Just did an inspection for them on Wednesday. Likewise, they said they would send payment within 2 weeks. Agreed to my standard price, no haggling. We’ll see.

Just as an update:
The check was in the Mailbox today. I performed the inspection on the 28th. Not too long of a wait.