Inspection no show

Did any of you ever have a client book an inspection, sign the agreement then when the time of the inspection came no one showed up? Even waited a half hour after and tried calling them. No answer

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Did you get paid upfront?

And the better business reason to get your fee (or partial) upfront before you leave the house. :wink:

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And hopefully, you didn’t get a check and were supposed to pay the termite guy also… :thinking: :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


No lol it wasn’t Mr Cashiers check lol


No I sent an invoice with a cancellation fee. We’ll see how that works out. If not it was only 3 minutes from my house anyway

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If you’re getting paid by your client at the time of inspection payment needs to be made before the inspection begins.

I’ll wait 15 minutes and then head back to my office. That’s the longest I’ve had to wait. I’ve never performed an inspection without getting paid first. I also make it very clear personal checks are not accepted.


It sounds like the deal fell through at the last minute and you weren’t on the “notification” list as a priority. Ask for the cancelation fee and try to stay in good graces.

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Yes! And then…
I contact everyone by phone the day/night before the inspection.


Good luck! It will almost never happen.


If it bounces it is a felony in Florida.

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My business my policy end of story! The nice thing about owning your own business is you make all of the rules. What day to do the inspection, start time and so on. Payment falls in line to. Don’t like my rules call another inspector I’m to busy to be playing collection games.


I take personal checks from anyone over 50.

I won’t take a cashier’s check from anyone unless it’s a coming from an established company and I’m expecting it. i.e. I sold my house.

No one under that age uses checks as a general rule. I’m sure many have them, they are simply not the payment of choice. I take cash, credit card, Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, and Crypto.

When I say Crypto, I mean on chain payment, not through some bs provider like bitpay either. I’ll give you my wallet address, once the transactions are confirmed, there’s no NSF rubber checks involved and they can’t back charge, contest, complain, or do much of anything else. It’s mine. I prefer LTC, but BTC, ETH, SOL and ADA all work for me as well.

I accept checks all the time, I have never had a problem. And business checks can be just as good or bad as a personal check.

You should continue to accept checks. I don’t, for me it’s credit card or cash. My sandbox my rules :slightly_smiling_face:


In 24 years, I’ve been stood-up at least a dozen times. All kinds of reasons. It’s definitely annoying. I’ve never accepted payment for my wasted time, even when volunteered. Most of the time, I inspect their next house.
Since I won’t pay someone for work they haven’t done, I never expect or ask for payment before I’ve done the job. Getting paid with a check is lunch money, because I don’t have to pay the card fee.


I stopped taking checks a few years ago and required CC/DC payment by 10:00 PM the night before or cash the day of the inspection. People paying with cash can still make things difficult. The only thing keeping from going to only CC/DC payments is not everyone wants to use a CC when they are concerned about getting accepted for financing.

So why are you wasting your time?

Did you have to turn down a $1,200 inspection for that time slot? Then chalk it up to a business loss.
If they call you back at a later time, you recover your loss expenses.

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Dylan, Hi!

I had similar issues in the past.

My solution was to advise the Customer and his/her Realtor that in order for my Operations Software to allow me add their I spots my Calendar and furthermore to be able to activate the actual inspection software, it needs to receive;

A) Contract Acceptance Electronically Signed;
B) Payment in FULL.

If those prerequisites are not met, I can not even type on my device, nor save a picture, neither edit the report. Furthermore, the software does not allow me to publish nor email out the report.

And this is true for HORIZON Software :white_check_mark:

In the Era of Artificial Intelligence and technology, I only take payment in:

A) Cash on-site, if I know the referring Realtor and she/he confirms that the client has committed to do so on-site;

B) ZELLE transfers (Preferred);

C) Credit/Debit Card via SQUARE or ApplePay

D) Checks are not Welcome! Is messy! I don’t like to go to the bank store. If it bounces, the Bank charges me a bulky fee. It may take a few days to CLEAR, and by then the Client and the Realtor expect to have received the Report and you have no leverage to get your money.

NOTE: I have a Clause in my Contract that tells the Client that if his purchase deal falls through the cracks, I will inspect the next house he chooses with a nice/considerable discount (40% maybe!?!)

We take cash, check or card at the time of the inspection. (We’ve even taken ammo).

Checks I cash at their bank. Plenty of branches to not have to stray too far for that.

Been stiffed twice in 20 years. In both cases the realtor got stiffed also. They never bought and never returned.