Goodman Heat Pump or AC?

Heat Pump or AC?

Model # CPLJ36-1A
Serial # 0405031025

That Model should be a heat Pump


What are the rules of thumb to figure out whether it’s heat pump or furnace? Assume could not the model number on Google.

Th Dad
some makes have a H in the model Number, Best thing is to look for the switching Valve when checking out the unit.

Here is a drawing that may help




I generally look for a reversing valve and an accumulator.

Yes Blaine, but you, unlike many of the new Florida “professional” home inspectors, know what a reversing valve and an accumulator looks like and its purpose. Most wouldn’t know an accumulator from a flux gate capacitor. :wink:

I just use my tricorder

Here’s a great Goodman Service Manual to help decipher identification(s) and lot’s of other info.

And a lot more.

The data plate says “central cooling air conditioner” in the bottom left. It’s not a heat pump. If it was, it would say “heat pump”.

In no particular order:

  1. A heat pump should have a thermostat with an “Emergency Heat” and/or “Auxiliary Heat” mode. Although, sometimes (rarely) the installer will put it on a conventional thermostat.
  2. If it’s in heat mode, the outdoor unit will be running.
  3. There will be a reversing valve inside the outdoor unit.
  4. The air handler will be totally electric (no gas lines or exhaust flues).

Joe the air handler does not have to be electric I have a gas fired furnace with a heat pump condensing unit on the exterior of my home refered to as a duel fuel

Yep. Dual fuel systems. Thanks for the correction.

Your welcome