Gotta Share

Hi… just sat down to start my build a house series but had to share.
A lady friend of mine does not drive so I sometimes drive her to the local grocery store here in Chicago called Jewel.
This worked out for me since I have an old motorcycle sitting in the garage that I haven’t driven in over a year and a half and found the battery evaporated of almost all fluid.

I figured I could pick up some distilled water while she was shopping.
Anyway one of the store clerks told me that they had just sold 8 gallons… before I got there and were out.
No problem I thought I would walk over to Murry"s auto parts which was in the same shopping mall.
While as I walked in one of the young clerks was leaving an employee door and coming into the store. I immediately raised up for both of my arms in front of me and stated "I am looking to create life "but before I could finish the sentence (out of my dead battery )I never saw such a terrified look on a young man’s face before. In that split second I realized I was wearing a big old sweat T-shirt and had been sitting at my computer for last couple days without shaving. While I cannot control my laughter this poor kid thought I was a madman, and when I finally got the rest of my sentence out of my mouth I had never seen such a look of relief in my life. WOW! doe’s my stomach hurt. Just happened on my way here.