Positive feedback needed!

Sad to say I had another newer inspector come and see my shop and operation. What a great guy! He will be a future big time producer in the inspection industry.

The sad thing is, when asked why he doesn’t come to the message board much, he said it is just people bashing people. Its nothing productive, its nothing constructive. Its people bashing people because they don’t do what they do.

Its not a place to foster growth, camaraderie, knowledge its more of a place to ask a questions or ideas and then get blasted.

Nothing wrong with expressing ideas and reasons for past failures, but there are people dismissing ideas without ever even trying them. Telling them they are wrong without even KNOWING they are wrong, its just NOT what they do, hence it must be wrong do to the inlafated egos.

So how about lets try to foster newer people and mentor them to increase the knowledge and then our profession would have even a better and brighter light shine upon it.

Russel Ray was a great guy who used to post here ofter and help for free…he is gone due to the bashing, Dale Duffy doesn’t show up that much, Mr. Andersen has a ton of Infrared knowledge and seldom shows up.

I thought maybe if we stick by the catagories and just show some basic kindness to one another and remember we all started somewhere would be a nice start. Meaning if you go to the Not for Everyone section…well that place is a free for all!

I don’t know, just saddened me that this guy feels like this messge board is more of a hinderance and more for the “Ole boys network” which is the reason I hated ASHI, and it seems we are now becoming like that…

By the way this is the 5th person in a ROW that said damn near the exact same thing…

Just my 2 cents…bash away!..:slight_smile:

Great post Russell. Couldn’t agree more.

I’ve noticed this myself in my short time here. But for me, the benefit of information and knowledge here still outweighs the endless bickering and bashing. I’ve learned a lot, and I come here once a day at a minimum, but some days there’s nothing here but ongoing feuds.

I can see where new members might not use the message board to ask questions because they might fear getting thrown under the bus. That’s unfortunate.

**Of course you are right Russell. However, it is just like when I am surfing the TV channels. If I come upon a show that is too loud, too bitchy or too outrageous I just change the channel. The same is true with the message board. There is a lot of useful information and great links and contacts. I just take what I need and leave the rest. Those members that believe that they are “legends in their own minds” are never going to be quiet and courteous and those members are found in every large group. **

I disagree. Sure there’s a level of “bashing” going on but anytime there are opposing views there are going to be disagreements. Although I will say there are some who seem to go to the extreme to get a rise, which is annoying but… If you don’t want to get involved in those threads you don’t have to or just put them on ignore.

If anyone thinks just because they ask for advice they are entitled to answers only they want to hear, I guess this isn’t the place for them. We are all adults here who can handle constructive criticism and for the most part that’s what is offered. In the end there’s no other inspection related forum that can match the amount of information and help available here.

Vince is right.

The unmoderated back and forth exchange is so valuable to our industry that we’re willing to pay the price of permitting some personal cheap shots like Zoe had to take when she saved our membership tens of thousands of dollars during grandfathering in Florida.

I agree Russell. Well stated

I agree with Vince and if you can’t grow a thick skin here, how do you deal with with realtors, home owners, and other trades people that have a conflict with your report findings. The world isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.

I agree to some extent. I have heard this site once referred to as a smorgasbord.
There its good and bad here. Take what you want use what you need. You dont have to eat all the crap just because it is available

Agree, totally.

When I find myself in need of warm, cozy and comfortable comraderie … I have better resources for that than a home inspector message board. I’m sorry that others don’t.

You cannot light a match off of a bar of soap.

The process of becoming a good/better home inspector … just like making sausage … can be an ugly one. Some can deal with it and some cannot.

The free and open exchange of ideas that you, Nick, have promoted and defended on this message board have allowed for much of the growth that our profession has experienced. It has also accounted for some personal and professional growth as well. Those who “dish it out” are also vulnerable at the receiving end.

Just like being a home inspector … on this message board some can take the knocks and some can’t. Most of the brand new home inspectors (some say 90% within 36 months) will be doing something else to make a living, soon. They will not find this message board to be a comfortable place to enjoy the failure process.

Much like the home inspection profession … this message board is not for everyone. If it were, neither would be of any value.

I agree just grow a thick Skin, I am to guilty of getting involved in some posts, At first i didn’t but then some got under my skin with on going Posts ( most about nothing to do about inspections) As message Boards this one has the Most helpful information and a abundance of Knowledge. Everyone is helpful on MB even if in other posts are foes .
Well Heck even Sean and i can get along lololol. One has to remember sometimes People look like they are bashing but it could be it is just goofing off. When i first got here after Looking into other Associations I felt this one had the most to offer. Sorry to hear that even some of the older guys feel they can’t be bothered to come to the MB .
Perhaps we all take breaks from time to time. The mention fellows above were always handy with great information and were appreciated.

Personalities will always clash, I learned that in The Fire Department . But when it came down to a crunch we all where brothers I feel the same here.
Russell I Thank You for starting this post and i hope the new guy does well

Since my very first day here I have been involved in many heated issues and agree it is not always productive. Some around here will jump all over you if you do not feel the same way they do about everything. I personally try to take one conversation at a time and “try” not to carry over opinions of others into new discussions but it happens. I can personally say there are somethings i do not ask just because I know i would not get much real help and likely get piled on. It would be interesting if in the members only section we had a anonymous section where who you were was not posted and we could ask or say things without all knowing who we are. I am sure I will hear crap about that idea.:mrgreen:I am also sure it would likely get reduced to people just shredding others.

One thing for sure is at least we do see who is likely to help if you send them a personal email. Just about every week someone contacts me with a question or thought that they do not want on the message boards.

Maybe since alot of the licensing issues in Florida will be settled soon the folks around here will come together instead of always going at each others throats but who knows.

We may all be better off if most things were just visible to members:D

Educational classes are churning out dozens of new inspectors. Take a test, pass it, pay for a license, bingo: you are a licensed inspector.

Sorry to say that there is much more to our industry and this business that can be taught in any classroom. This message board helps teach the newbies the good and the bad. It is rough out there, and they need to know how it is.

Just like teenagers, it is hard to tell them what the real world is like, until they experience it for themselves. Knowing about rough roads ahead of time is an advantage

This is a nice debate and well thought out and points being made. I agree with it. But these are CONSTRUCTIVE debates and good for growth of the mind

But when a new person comes in and they damn near get called retarded it well, you may see it good for growth and needed to get a thick skin. I just see it different. I am letting you know what the newer inspectors are telling me and they are the future of the profession. I just know what goes on is the exact reason I hated ASHI and its what I see happening.

Do as you like and keep up with the bickering. But I think I may start in the fun and lets see where it takes us…shall we?

You have ****ed up the inspection industry in my state beyond belief in your attempt to save people money? Do you believe your own lies? There is one thing that goes through Nicks mind. How does it benefit Nick. You and Zoe have ruined the industry. Believe what you want. I WORK IN FLORIDA and see it every day. You see your minions sending you money and growing your wealth.

I said this from day one and the Florida industry and low level of comepetence in proof. I am sure your bank account and living in Colorado this has no affect on you. Congrats…on “saving members money” while ruiniung the industry. Great plan…two people benefitted Nick and Zoe…

Stop fraking whining its not the industry and the newbies ITS YOU! Stop blaming everything on the INDUSTRY and the NEWBIES…people don’t want what you offer. Deal with it.

Aaaahhhh…the beauty of a free and open message board where ideas and opinions … kind or not … can be addressed. I’m sure Nick appreciates your postive feedback. LOL:D:D

Eight years ago you sold hearing aids now your an isspection GURU…STFU for once. Your marketing of one a day for the client screams I suck and can’t get more that one inspection a day. Nice play on words though.

You do nothing but tear people down in an effort to bring yourself up. Know why your an inspector, you sucked at selling hearing aids and now we have you…so stop pretending your something your not. I think 8 years ago they were bashing you on this very board. Now with what maybe a 1000 inspections under your belt your the guru…LMAO…

Well since you guys feel that bashing is the way to BUILD the industry…lets BUILD IT!

LOL…and you poop in your van. What happened, Mr. Positive Feedback? LOL?? :D:D BTW…my hearing aid stores closed in 1994.

I’m glad you chose a public forum for your meltdown. Bash away, Mr. Positive Feedback. Because a few people disagree with you, you turn your “plea” for positive feedback into a series of personal attacks. This is too funny.

Nick was able to blow your phony cover with a solitary post. You’re not even in the league, kid. Sharpen your skills and come back when you can do better. Until then, you’re not worth the time.