Grand canyon skywalk

Yeah, I actually get sick just watching a video of this thing. gulp I have a fear of heights as it is, and nothing can make me get it through my head that it’s just “on the news” or “a picture” or whatever. Scares me silly. Aaack!


Nice, I would like to see it one day. Just out of curiosity how many birds per year do you think this “Skywalk” would kill?

Thanks for sharing Bruce,

Another awesome feat of Engineering.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

When I was a kid, my parents went to the Grand Canyon for vacation, and they signed us up to take donkeys down to the bottom of the canyon on trails. We camped for two days down their and it was the best vacation I can remember from childhood. Nothing like riding on a donkey (burro) on a narrow trail, its does get the heart a pumping, but believe it or not safer than walking it without a donkey… I did take my kids there for vacation on numerous occasions, I don’t think they enjoyed it as much as I did.

My husband and I are planning on going in the fall, hopefully after the summer crowds. From what I understand, it isnt going to be a cheap walk. You have to pay the entrance fee of 20 or so bucks then an additional 25 to walk out on the glass. Even at those prices, I imagine it will be a while before they recover the investment to build it.

$25 bucks is what I heard… I think that’s expensive to walk out on a platform for a view! Ofcourse the overhead to design, engineer and build it will probably take years to recover the cost…

That side of the canyon receives 300,000 visitors per year. With $32 million in construction costs and $25 per visitor it will take 1.28 million visitors to recoup their original build out costs alone. That doesn’t include any debt service, maintainence and or lawsuits from people jumping or falling from the structure. I wonder what % of the visiting public is going to pay $25 to walk the skyway? I wouldn’t, unless of course they put a roller coaster on it!

I am sure the skywalk will make plenty of money… Most people don’t realize that Europeans love exploring our National Parks, and $25 to them, is peanuts compared to the euro dollar. So I am sure it will make money!

Hey Will, Since we are in the same area… how’s business going? I have been swamped… A lot of buyers out there, or is it just the season!!!

It is crazy busy to be sure. I did 38 last month. December and January were kick butt as well. Did you notice total sales over the last 4 weeks were only down 17% from same period last year. Sales prices only down 2% from last year. There is NO crash in SoCal. Get ready for another awsome year! It can’t be to bad, RR down in San Diego does 200 to 300 inspections per month, that’s some kind of busy for sure.

Glad to hear your doing well, there’s plenty of business for us NACHI inspectors to take away from the CREIA and ASHI guys and gals…

WOW! 38 inspections! Very impressive… And here I am thinking I am busy with 13 inspections for the month. I have only been in business since 2005, so I am still building… I presently only average about 100 inspections per year.

Did you start off at about 100 per year? Or have you always been that busy…? Just curious… My business is part-time, I couldn’t breathe if I had 38 in a month…

When I started doing inspections in Orange County back in 1985, there were only 3-4 inspectors in the area. I remember doing some condo inspections for $50 and houses for $75… It has certainly changed since then. I had my most productive year in 1989, I did over 1000 inspections that year. Back then is was easy to do 4, 5 or even 6 inspections a day, we looked at the roof, ran the appliances, flushed the toilets, checked a few random outlets and would be leaving the property in less than an hour. Now, I can’t get through anything in less than 2.5 to 3.0 hours and sometimes much longer. I’m old now, doing 38 inspections in 26 working days of February is way to much for me. I much prefer doing one a day and spending more time at Dana Point Harbor, Mexico or Mammoth…

If you’re doing 100 inspections per year after only two short years of being in business, I’d say you’re doing great!