Graphic drawings - cantilevered floors

The graphic drawing library is great here at INACHI. However, I am looking for a graphic drawing showing cantilevered areas such as bay windows, second floor bump outs, or fireplace cavities.

These are generally insulated improperly and allow for air infiltration.

Does anyone have a good set of photos or graphic drawings for these areas that can be used for marketing, show and tell, or training?

Thanks in advance.

Our in-house architect continues to add to InterNACHI’s Inspector Gallery. We’ll get to all these requests sooner or later.


The drawings are great, I’m looking for a detailed drawing of how a cantilevered window or wall for that matter is constructed. These are very vulnerable to being poorly insulated.

I’ve attached a photo of a bay window that hangs out over the foundation and is allowing cold air into the structure from underneath.

I’ve seen this on second floor rooms that are also extended over the main wall. One builder even put in vent soffits that allowed air in under the bedroom floor.


This may help here.

Basics of cantilevered floors.

cantileved bay floor.gif

floor projection.jpg

cantileved bay floor.gif


Thanks for the drawings.

Are these available on large images?

Did you click to enlarge?:slight_smile: