Great Super Bowl XLII Contest. Place your guesses now!

The winner gets a year’s subscription to including setup.

Non-transferable (for the winner only)

Here is how to win…

  1. Correctly guess the winner of the Super Bowl.
  2. Then guess the total number of turnovers (one number) in the Super Bowl by both teams combined. Include fumbles (if turned over) and interceptions.
  3. Then guess the longest completed pass during the Super Bowl, in yards (including yards gained after reception).
    We will choose the winner from the members who correctly guess the winning team by first looking at their number of turnovers guess. The member who guesses closest to the number of turnovers wins. Winner can be under or over. Winner had to have correctly guessed the winning team though.

There will likely be a tie. If there is a still a tie (two or more members guess the winner correctly and guess the total number of turnovers with the same level of accuracy as each other) we will break the tie by looking at the longest completed pass guess.

In the unlikely event that two or more members guess the winning team AND the total number of turnovers with the same level of accuracy AND the longest completed pass with the same level of accuracy… we will break the tie by awarding it to the member who was earliest to post or edit.

You can place your guess (1 per member) right up until the kick off of the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb 3, 2008 and edit your post right up until kick off, but again, there is a slight advantage to posting first in terms of freak tie breaking.

Best of luck.

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Winner: NY.
Number of turnovers in the game: 2.
Longest pass in the game: 42 yards.


of tunrovers: 3

Longest Pass (Brady to Moss): 51 yards

longest pass 67 yards

New England
Longest Pass-65 yards

longest pass 41 yards

three turnovers
61 yard pass

3 turnovers
longest pass 72yards

New England
2 turnovers
71 Yard pass


3 turnovers

61 yrd

New England
4 turnovers
54 yards

New York
4 turnovers
72 Yards

Turnovers 3
Longest pass 46 yds

longest pass 68 yards

TO’s - 4
LP - 36 yds

Longest Pass=62yds

New England
3 Turn Overs
48 Yarder

84 yard pass

New York

3 To
53 Yds