Great site to list your Mold Inspection Business!!

I have been listed with Micro for the last 2 years. I receive at least 10 calls per month from “Find a Mold”. I highly suggest this site for anyone doing Mold inspections. The cost is $100/year or less for a two year listing.
They also support NACHI!!

Follow the link for the website.

Would you know if I would have to take the program they offer to join up? Reason I ask is that I have the Pro-Lab program and don’t feel like spending another extra $500.
Just curious


You do not have to take there program to sign up.


Thanks Mario


You are welcome!!
I promise you the cost of membership will pay for itself!!

I haven’t yet completed the Pro-Lab course as I’ve been busy with inspections but, from looking at the web page you provided it looks really good and I will persue it when finished the program.
I have had lots of inquiries about mold inspections but won’t do any until certified. Going out and doing these types of inspections with just enough knowledge to be dangerous, will bite you in the butt eventually.
Thanks again, great info as always.