Great site to list your Mold Inspection Business!!

I have been listed with Micro for the last 2 years. I receive at least 10 calls per month from “Find a Mold”. I highly suggest this site for anyone doing Mold inspections. The cost is $100/year or less for a two year listing.
They also support NACHI!!

Follow the link for the website.


I signed up Mario

I know, I looked up your listing!! Congratulations Gary, you are now on your way to receiving calls on a daily basis for Mold Inspections!

I just added four more listings (Cities) to my Micro site!!

The Micro people are great.

Thanks Mario, I signed up today after googling my area for mold inspectors. Micro came up on the first page, each and every time for a location. Looking forward to the increased business.

Does each location cost you $100/site?


You will not regret your decision! I’m listed in five cities and yes it costs $100/listing.

I was thinking about signing up, but then did a google search and didnt see it.