Can someone references when greenboard became code for shower walls?
I have 2003 IRC but home was built in 2000


Moisture Resistant Board
is a wallboard especially processed for use as a base for ceramic and other non-absorbent wall tiles in bath and shower areas. The board has tapered edges so joints above the area to be tiled can be treated in the usual manner. Facing paper is colored light green.


File No: 819
Laboratory No: L-75-1911-A

  1. It is well documented that even though the product is called water resistant gypsum backing board it will wick in and absorb the water.

  2. It is known that under certain conditions water does get into the gypsum board. It is strongly suspected by some that the water - enters the gypsum board by condensation. If this is true all of the sealing and protection of the board possible will. not prevent the condensation water from entering the gypsum board. If the condition is present to cause hot and cold to come together condensation will form.

  3. t will be necessary to obtain correct and exacting installation of the gypsum board’ and some question if this can be consistently achieved.

I remember it’s use in the 70’s, but can not pin point the date for you.

  1. This is the best I can do for you on this one.
    Marcel :slight_smile:
    Date: January 29, 1976

Thanks Marcel,
It’s not for my client , but a mold remediater friend of mine is trying to help his client. The builder told her that the side walls needed a moisture barrier but not the back wall witch houses the plumbing fixtures, WTF
we all know this is BS, I just wanted to give him some documented proof!

For your information, Blue board is no longer accepted as a backer board behind tile areas where ceramic tile is to be installed in wet areas as showers. At least here in Maine in the Commercial World.
May be some other comments on this subject.

Glad to help.
Don’t forget the date of the previous post. (1976) That is the way it was. Past tense. ha. ha.

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Greenboard has been found to be mold food.

Use it until the next code changes come out if you have too…

New non-drywall products are already out but more $$.

Now in days they are using cement board.
Green board is still drywall.
I just did my shower area with Coroplast,which is a corrugated PVC like on the for sale signs.Light ,cheap and easy to work with.
I used my hot melt gun for details.You can cut and add details.

I prefer to use a product called DenShield
It works much better than blue board, green board or cement board. A few years ago, I redid the showers and change rooms in a high school in Barrie using DenShield. been using it ever since.

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Second on the DensShield… the stuff is awesome…:smiley: