Gringrich Destroys Obama, Backs Palin

Is this the same guy that campaigned on “family values”, divorced his first wife in the hospital with cancer.

Married a much younger woman, cheated on her for 6 years, called her on Mother’s Day to say he wants a divorce, a few months after finding out she had multiple sclerosis.

Wasn’t he the same guy who bounced 22 checks during the House Banking scandal?

All the while being brought up on ethics charges by the House of Representatives where he subsequently made a plea agreement to admit that he had brought discredit on the House and pay a $300,000 fine?

Is that the same guy?:shock: Yep…


Dude! They’re politicians, what do you expect?

Whichever party takes office, will simply be the next group of criminals to hold power and control over the working class.

We shouldn’t be looking up to these people of relying on them for anything. The likes of Washington and Lincoln haven’t been around for a while and no doubt won’t be showing up to run the country anytime soon!