Palin Email?

Can’t fix stupid

“Mike Kernell is your quintessential Boy Scout,” said state Rep. John Deberry, another Democrat. “Mike follows the rules. He will almost get on your nerve as far as making sure things are done by the book.”

Right. So he gets his son to do the dirty work. Typical democrats.

The poor kid was just playing games and didn’t know the severity of his actions. I think they should be-head the bastard…just kidding.

They should just slap his hands and let this behavior go. No big deal at the time, but now everyone knows that this sort of behavior can be an absolute big deal. I’ll bet it won’t happen again.

…and the message there is…???

I agree, could you expand on that David! I am a bit slow today! Okay, most days!:smiley:

I see a future in politics for this kid. Say President - after all Clinton was a rapist - what’s a little hacking. :roll:

Clinton was an impeached rapist.

Nick, When you are right, you are right!

Who may very well be back in the White House in 2012…

Gosh, I love America!

Palin in 2012!

I would say this guy is just short of being a complete idiot but that would be giving him too much credit!

Clinton was not impeached. He was brought up for impeachment, but the Congress did not have enough votes to impeach him.

I was under the impression you were supposed to have sex with a person, who is better looking and more fun than your present spouse. If you call the Bill and Hillary show a “marriage”.

Clinton was impeached (To make or bring an accusation against) Such as; my character has been impeached due to accusations. Kind of like being arrested then having the charges dismissed due to improper procedures. The Senate did not have the gonads to do what needed to be done but he was most definately “impeached”. He was impeached for lying and other things, not for having sex with a stupid, fat girl.