Ground Knot?

Isn’t it supposed to be a bowline for the grounding conductor?:slight_smile:

I’m thinking at least a timber hitch. :wink:

What will these yahoos come up with next? :shock:

Isn’t that the gas line tracer wire?

Nice location for the lock box…

I’m sorry what were we talking about? I can’t get past the many many couplings on the sprinkler mainline despite the union on the Champion ASV (against code in most Valley cities). :slight_smile:

Well lets just say it should not be anything to do with the grounding or bonding at THIS location…and regardless the METHOD and I use that very loose…is incorrect in all counts as if this is a waterpipe ground…I dont like seeing them outside for this connection which puts them in a position to be removed or damaged.

AND just IF this is the Grounding Electrode Conductor…then it is wrong as well…needs to be one solid piece…no splices allowed with exception.

**© Continuous. **
The grounding electrode conductor shall
be installed in one continuous length without a splice or
joint, unless spliced only by irreversible compression-type
connectors listed for the purpose or by the exothermic
welding process.

So with that said…If THIS is the grounding electrode conductor…I would say this method of connection is not allowed…lol…YOU THINK…:wink:

Edited: for some reason at first I thought it was a gas line…lol…which is a no-no…lol…My Bad !

Use better images Brian…thehehe…just kidding…:slight_smile:

Once a sprinkler guy–always a sprinkler guy…:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ignore the landscaper for a moment.:slight_smile:

Here you can see the ground clamp better, also loose, and main water piping coming out of the ground.

And Paul are you telling me it is no longer acceptable to ground to metal water piping?

No what I am saying it is usually within 5’ of entering the dwelling…not usually outside…

And to be honest with you…I could not see the image very clear…thought it was the gas meter…lol

BUT what I am saying is…it is NOT correct to bond it using this manner…that is not an approved connection…to bend over wires…NOT

I think that type of connection is called the " Hook and Pray " connection.

Phoenix average annual precipitation is 7.66, with that being said many of the ground and/or bond connections are outside here.

The ground conducter in the picture came out of the foundation, there was also a ground rod in the back under the panel and a bond to the gas meter.

I never like to see them bonded to the gas meter…the gas pipe fine…not the meter…:wink:

Ahhh…connections outside…always a issue if they are subject to damage, removal since above ground and in plain view and the like…

What we need to do is get you guys some more rain…:slight_smile:

Oh…PS…either way…that is not an approved method of connection…:wink:

Really Paul?:shock: :slight_smile: :wink:

lolololo…Man you gotta stop messin with me…:wink: