grounding wires

Are gounding wires from the service panel to in ground rod to be continuous or can they be spliced?

Inspected a home last night and the ground wire above the panel to the outside had a splice about 6" above the box, and I remember reading somewhere that all grounding wires were to be continuous with no splices.


There are exceptions. The one that seems to apply in the situation as you describe it is:

The grounding electrode conductor, which runs to any convenient grounding electrode [250.64(F)], must not be spliced, except as permitted in (1) through (3):

  1. Splicing is permitted by irreversible compression-type connectors listed for grounding or by exothermic welding.
    Also, if the GEC is exposed, and smaller than 8AWG, it must be protected by installing in rigid or intermediate metal conduit, rigid non-metallic, or EMT…just in case that’s what you have.

Jimmy B.

The GEC should be continuous (no splice or joint), however, I have seen where they have been “accepted” if they are spliced using an irreversible connector or weld.

Pictorial example of an irreversible compression splice of grounding electrode conductors:

Pic is kinda big, what is that clear material on the cable?

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I have no idea what you’re talking about. That’s bare copper. Copper oxide? :wink:

On the right where the two copper wires are. what is that clear/silver stuff? Is that the irreversible connection you are talking about?


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and just for clarification, that’s a picture of a “tap” rather than a “splice.” It appears as if the common GEC is still continuos, as it should be.

It’s a tap and a splice, both. I made it myself. :cool:

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