Ground/neutral separation

Are there any exceptions to the ground/neutral separation requirement in panels that do not have a service disconnect in the panel? I have a 400 amp service, two 200 amp disconnects in a switch panel (big switch on side of panel to disconnect the service), panels located on each side of disconnect panel with grounds/ neutrals mixed. Wrong?

Neutrals can only be grounded at the service equipment. Grounds must always be bonded to every panel.

Generally speaking, the only bond allowed between the neutral and the ground is at the first means of disconnect in the system. There are a few rare exceptions which are spelled out in NEC 250.142(B), but they apply to separate structures and ranges or dryers I believe; basically they don’t apply to your photo.

Your two 200 amp panels must not have a neutral/ground bond.

How can you have a 400 amp disconnect switch and two 200 amp panels without mains? Also are those parallel SE cables feeding the 400 amps?

So from your “400A” disconnect you say its feeding two separate 200A panels with 200A main circuit breakers? I have to ask you…whats protecting the cable from the 400A disconnect to each 200A panel? Is it sized for the 400 Amps?..there is a way to do it…just not this way…from what i glanced at…will look later…i have a masonic meeting to attend.