Does anyone have good verbage but yet simple to understand for this issue. They did nice work, nice and clean. Again, the AHJ must accept this? Thanks

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This was covered as part of the UL standard, but was not a direct part of of the NEC until recently. The current code calls for 1 neutral per terminal, not to be shared. Grounding conductors may share with other grounding conductors if the buss is labeled for them. Most are.

The currect Article is 408.41.

Whatever reporting software you are using should have a very well-written comment for the doubled neutrals. Whether there a additional problems will depend somewhat on whether the panel is a main or sub - not enough photo detail and info to tell.

Finally I would not assume that the AHJ has approved the panel or that they are as knowledgeable as they should be.:mrgreen:

Just because something was PASSED does not mean it is allowed. Not all inspectors are created equal…they just might not know any better.