Grounding conductors

If does not appear the the grounding conductors are properly terminated at this subpanel . Any code references possibly?

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1993 NEC:

384-20. Grounding of Panelboards.

Panelboard cabinets and panelboard frames, if of metal, shall be in physical contact with each other and shall be grounded in accordance with Article 250 or Section 384-3©.

Where the panelboard is used with nonmetallic raceway or cable or where separate grounding conductors are provided, a terminal bar for the grounding conductors shall be secured inside the cabinet. The terminal bar shall be bonded to the cabinet and panelboard frame, if of metal, otherwise it shall be connected to the grounding conductor that is run with the conductors feeding the panelboard.

Grounding conductors shall not be connected to a terminal bar provided for grounded conductors (may be a neutral) unless the bar is identified for the purpose and is located where connection is made from the grounded conductor to a grounding electrode as permitted or required by Article 250.

Exception: Where an isolated equipment grounding conductor is provided as permitted by Section 250-74, Exception No. 4, this insulated equipment grounding conductor that is run with the circuit conductors shall be permitted to pass through the panelboard without being connected to the panelboard’s equipment grounding terminal bar.

Is this code compliant no.

It is unsafe maybe not.

I do not like the ‘bundling’ of the wires.

Where codes in place when this was installed?

1985 built home on the outskitts of the city. I will have to check with the city to know if codes were in effect.


The reason that I always ask about the ‘code’ is someone may have approved this or they ‘thought’ it met code.

Do you see where I am going?


This equipment requires a terminal bar, and that’s not what the image shows, the image shows the total number of the EGC’s all under one lug, where the 4th feeder EGC is also terminated.

This work may not have been inspected by the AHJ, and if it was is not correct.

The UL Standard has always called for the floating terminal for neutrals, and the EGC terminal bar bonded to the cabinet in sub-panels.

I would look at the information stickers on the panelboard cover and there we can find the information that supports the requirement.

That MBJ (lower angled flat strap in bottom center) should have been removed because someone who thinks it will be OK to install it would do so and create the two hazards associated with the improper connection.

I believe that this subject is spread throughout the archives, and here in the new forum in many, many other posts.

Maybe someone can find them and put them in one place.

I posted information form the first copy of the electronic version of the NEC.

Quoting the most current code for a building wired in accordance with early codes may lead to confusion, because of “flip flop” code changes throughout the years.

Thankyou for the replies. I recommended a terminal bar be installed for improved connections. Joe, I didn’t write up removing the bonding strap though, But it sounds good to me. Next time.

I removed it for you. :mrgreen: