Grounding & Grounded conductors together

Saw this panel the other day in house with the EGC and Grounding conductors under same lug. Had a friend there ( electrician ) and told him I was going to point that out in report. He said why? that’s a very common practice he said. House was built in 2005, went home and pulled my panel cover off and my wires were also combined under one lug. I thought they had to be seperate and only EGC could be combined on Service Panel. My house was built in 1996, did codes change or is my panel wrong also. I’m confused ( again ) just looking for some feedback on the subject. Mark T :frowning:

Article 408 (384 in 1999 NEC)
Switchboards and Panelboards
408.21 Grounded Conductor Terminations
Each grounded (neutral) conductor must terminate within the panelboard in an individual terminal that is not used for another conductor. Figure 408-2

408.21 Grounded Conductor Terminations Figure 408-3

408.21 Grounded Conductor Terminations Figure 408-4

While this was commonly done it was incorrect. Before being adding to the NEC as a direct prohibition it was in the listing a labeling instructions of the panel. To prevent this confusion it was added to the Articles posted above by CC.