Grounding Issues

I am attaching a photo of an electrical panel that the realtor claims has no issues/faults, and says she was told so by an electrician. Any Input?

What do you think is wrong with it?


Robert, I am looking for input, not confirmation of my assessment. However, I think there is a grounding issue.

Many issues here is a few…
Looks like the ground and neutral are on the same breaker lug.
The other appears to be a scorched wire.
And where are those wires going …through the top?
Where is ground/neutral bar?

The neutral bar is on both sides vertically behind the CB’s. Since this is a service the EGC’s and neutrals can terminate on the same bar.

Couldn’t see that in the pic…

The blue and white wire go to a yard light mounted about ten feet away from the panel.
Yes, Ground and Neutral are Co-mingled.
The ground/neutral bar runs behind the top row of breakers.

Honestly the photo isn’t good enough to see everything so why don’t you give us a hint? :smiley:


I called the panel as improperly grounded having co-mingled ground and common conductors.

This is a main panel with connection to the meter, and from there to the pole.

Another photo

I have uploaded better photos. Any more input?

Roy, I am looking for all the issues, if you have time. Thanks.

All look good in that pic…

As mentioned in a service panel the EGC’s and neutrals can be on the same bus. I don’t see any issues.

No input here about ground loops and co-mingled common/ground conductors?
How about the use of the common buss for ground wires?

It is the service main…i.e…First point of disconnect.

My understanding is that the ground and common conductors can not be co-mingled on the same buss. In fact, there is a buss at the left for ground conductors, and a buss at the right for common conductors? The common buss is connected directly to the common conductor from the meter panel.

Yes, it is the first point of disconnect.