Grounding not verified

(Eli Klugmann) #1

I’m sure this has been addressed before but still unclear what to say. 1969 build, single family. Appears to be an upgraded panel in 2012. I know there should be two grounding methods; I see two grounds exiting the panel, but thats it. Couldn’t see any grounding rods. The top bare neutral went into an BX type armored cable. So do I mention that I couldn’t see any actual grounds? “Actual grounding method couldn’t be verified”?
Thank you

(Roy Lewis, CMI - North Florida Inspector) #2

The service main has an earth ground. The termination of the main ground wire for the electrical service was not accessible.

(Eli Klugmann) #3

So clear and simple, thanks!

(Robert Meier) #4

Some constructive criticism, you should work on your terminology. The conductors in question are Grounding Electrode Conductors (GEC’s) not “grounds”. The bare conductor in the cable armor is a GEC not a neutral conductor. If there is a metal water pipe that would be a grounding electrode, same for ground rods. Connection to ground rods are not require to be accessible so it’s possible that they’re buried. :smiley:

(Eli Klugmann) #5

Thank you, you are correct and I appreciate your input.