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Just received an email from a past client who states that the cable installer came out and told them he could not install the cable because the home was not grounded. After looking at the report I did note that the panel grounding could not be located but the inside of the panel had a grounding bar with ground wire attached and the rep plugs inspected were showing ground with the tester. Anyone have any idea what they are referring to?

elec panel.jpg
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may help.?

We’re those the installer’s exact words?

From the photo it appears that there is a bare GEC which would indicate the possibility of a connection to at least one electrode. If it’s a CEE with no metal water pipe nothing further is required.

My assumption is that the grounding electrode system was not visible. I’m also assuming that’s what your comment was in the report.

“Grounding” (bonding) of the branch-circuits, however, has nothing to do with “grounding” (earth-grounding or “earthing”) of the electrical system. Branch circuits will show proper wiring regardless of whether or not the system is earth-grounded.

That’s correct. The meter was located next to the driveway side and the conduit went into the concrete so I had no visual of the earth grounding . I am guessing that is the issue I’m just wondering how they determined that this was an issue preventing installation of their cable system? You can see the panel bonding is in place so the home plugs are grounded.
Ill need more from the cable folks to understand … This girl who bought the home has a dad who is out of town so I am trying to help her and him some so he does not have to fly in.

Some cable companies may have a rule about a separate ground and he needs to have a rod installed (too far from other ground) or he could mean you have plastic pipe,etc.
Call them and ask.

I have a call into them. Will let you know the outcome.

As long as the main bonding jumper (typically a green screw) is installed the equipment, receptacles, etc. connected to the system will be grounded even if there were no grounding electrode connection.

The cable installer was probably saying that there was no place for him to connect his ground wire. You will need to provide an intersystem bonding termination point. You can get one that clamps to a meter can or the outside ground wire if available. See article 250.94.

This is what we have here also Will.

All portable Generators also should be grounded