Grounding strap to panel

This panel as far as I can see does not have a grounding strap to protect the panel enclosure, or did I miss it?

306 16th Ave NE 179 (Small).jpg

That is a Square D panel that uses a green bond screw, not a strap. I can not see the area near the main lugs enough to see if this has been installed. Perhaps you could post a closeup?

Jim, you are correct about it being a square D panel. Yes there was a green bond screw across the top buss tie but I couldn’t see if it made contact anywhere to the enclosure. Are you saying that this screw if installed makes this connection?


If there is a green screw present, it makes contact to the panel. It penetrates the neutral bar and touches the panel on contact.

Thanks for the information guys, I appreciate it.

Yes, That “GREEN” screw makes the contact needed within that enclosure to meet the “main bonding” requirement. Just to clarify in your original question you said it was to protect the panel…it is not their to protect the panel, it is their to provide a return path to the source in the event the panel enclosure or downstream equipment, devices or panels obtain a fault. This creates a low impedance path back to the source to facilitate the operation of an OCPD ( Overcurrent Protective Device ) and reduce the ongoing shock hazard and potential fire by tripping out the OCPD and clearing the voltage from the metal parts as well. The EGC ( Equipment Grounding Conductors ) within the circuits down stream have a more equal potential to ground under normal conditions as well during this event.

Well said, Thanks Paul.