Is the panel bonded???

Hello all,

I don’t see a ground (green) screw or bonding strap in this panel. This is a panel in a condo mounted directly to a concrete foundation wall.

Shouldn’t I see a grounding screw or strap somewhere? Is the panel bonded?

Please see pic for more details.

Not if it is a sub-panel. What components does the rest of the electrical system employ? (Post the series of pics beginning at the SE).

You will still need to have the EGC’s (grounds) bonded to the panel.

Mike that is a sub panel, so the neutrals should be isolated from the grounds and the panel, and the grounds should be bonded to the panel. Your photo doesn’t show enough of the panel.

Even though its a sub panel doesn’t the ground side need to be bonded to the panel?

Internet is slow here right now. It is taking forever to upload photos.


I can’t load anymore photos. I didn’t see any bonding screw or strap on the ground side.

I will defer it to an electrician.

Thank you!

I don’t see any bonding screw or strap. I would write it up.

The label clearly shows the intended location of the bond screw or strap near the left side large lug. Your pictures do not show that area very clearly.

The other concern to be would be (and the image does not enough to define) an issue with Section 312.5© and if they meet all the exception requirements (a) to (g) to that general rule.

While it is a Code Thing…it is a safety concern if installed incorrectly.