grounding with plastic plumbing

Is there anything special to look out for if you suspect the home has plastic pipes for plumbing. The main box did not have a label stating that and the ground wires were attached to the water and gas pipes. Just looking for any advice to give the homeowner should the home be plastic and not copper.

Repipe or original?

If it’s a repipe, check to make sure there’s a ground rod or Ufer.

If it’s original, it’s likely there’s already a Ufer ground. There are no bonding requirements for non metallic piping (non metallic piping cannot be bonded).

Home built in 2005. If there is plastic, it’s original. There is a ground rod taped to the side of the water pipe. How far down is goes, I have no idea…gotta be 10 feet i think. Gonna recommend that the homeowner determine the type of plumbing and if plastic, ensure the the electrical grounding is proper.

If there’s a ground rod, it’s proper (assuming the GEC is attached to the rod and service panel).

the GEC is attached by clamp to the water pipe to which the ground rod is taped. Isn’t there a specific depth the ground rod has to go if the home is plumbed with plastic?

8’ but you probably need 2 ground rods 6 feet or farther apart if there are no other electrodes. Without a certified ground rod test most AHJs will not automatically agree it is less than 25 ohms.

Do you mean like, with electrical tape? Or do you mean tapped, like with a conductor?

I mean taped, like with what i wish was electrical tape but felt more like paper. It was painted and very loose, not a good job at all. I made the homeowner aware of it and told him if he does indeed have plastic pipes to make sure that grounding rod is properly attached.

Well then, the grounding electrode should be verified.

The ground rod is useless in that case. . .

Any good ufer pics or documentation?

This is how we do a Ufer in Florida. It will end up being under a blank S/S cover in the stucco

Either way, the electric service can’t be grounded to a gas pipe, can it?

309.1 Grounding. Gas piping shall not be used as a grounding electrode.

**309.2 **Connections. Electrical connections between equipment and the building wiring, including the ground ing of the equipment, shall conform to the ICC Electrical Code.

310.1 Gas pipe bonding. Each above-ground portion of a gas piping system that is likely to become energized shall be electrically continuous and bonded to an effective ground-fault current path. Gas piping shall be considered to be bonded where it is connected to gas utilization equipment that is connected to the equipment grounding conductor of the circuit supplying that equipment.

Thanks for the pics Dave. Are the post tension cables ok for the ground/bond ?