I just inspected a property that is running two wire without ground in all the circuits upstairs. The only way I know to properly ground the branch circuits is to install two wire with ground and three prong receptacles. The agent is telling me however that there are breakers that exist that can be installed to ground all the branch circuits in that new wire doesn’t have to be run. He said he has an electrician that’s done it on multiple properties using AFCI breakers. That sounds impossible to me, but I’m not an electrician. Anybody have any input? Thanks.

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Most likely is referring to GFCI outlets, and as is usually the case, the realtor doesn’t have her facts straight! Write what you know, and refer to a licensed electrician for repairs. It is not your job to prescribe methods of repair.

I wonder why you posted this in two places on this forum.
I see you do not visit this forum very often . (. 48 times in six years )
Much information is posted here and the knowledge gained just might make you a better Home Inspector .
That sounds impossible to me, Unfortunately you are wrong and need to get some upgrading on your electrical knowledge .

That would be my question too. It has been answered in the other section.

Thanks for getting back to me fellas. I posted it twice because I’ve posted questions in the past and sometimes received little or no response. Sometimes I get a response but it’s a significant amount of time later and I wanted to be able to get my client as much information and guidance as I could as quickly as possible so they can either move forward with the purchase or keep house shopping. You are correct, I don’t get on this forum very often. I can’t keep up with the workload that I have so I have very little time to surf the Internet.

You said that I was incorrect in my assumption. Please feel free to school me up that way I can pass that knowledge on and it may come in handy in future inspections. How would one ground the branch circuits without running new wire that contains a ground?

Is this 2-wire NM cable?

Yes, 2 wire NM

I think what he means is its acceptable to install GFCI for some added protection on ungrounded outlets. It still doesnt give you a grounded outlet.

A breaker does not provide grounding, nor does gfi protection.

There are other ways to provide grounding besides running a new grounded wiring method.

i think someone confused AFCI with GFCI.

Check this link out.

Not necessarily… when you consider they may need to bring the electrical to current code which pretty well means AFCI in damn near all circuits.

(Note: I didn’t read your linked thread beyond the 2012 date as that would now be the old code cycle for most areas for new work).

What are you talking about? You clearly are only here to start a fight.

Get over yourself.

Still will not provide a ground either way.

I don’t disagree.