This pic shows the grounding on the street side of the meter, this is not correct, correct. And can anyone explain why? Is it because the pipe coming from the street could very well be plastic?

Jeff where are u?

I can’t see pictures when they are attached in that manner Gary (this new board does not work well with me). When you use the “attachment manager” rather than the “ATTACH” code, I can see the pics.

In any event, grounding on the house side is required to ensure that all necessary components of the home can be properly bonded to the grounding electrode system.

The bond can be lost at the meter due to connectors, fittings, and even Teflon tape.

ref teflon tape, I had the conversation with Teleflex referencing boat guages and they said teflon tape has no effect on a threaded connection and the ability to move current if it is made up wrench tight. They said the tape will be pushed out of the way enough to have significant metal to metal contact. It is only there as a lubricant. From my experience removing these connections I tend to agree. The tape virtually dissappears with the only remaining tape in voids in the joint.

I tend to agree Greg.

Jeff is this better?

Much better thanks.

Grounding conductors and grounded conductors are not allowed to share the same lug :wink: