A little help please…how / what exactly would you write up on these service and distribution panels?

Is it just me, or is there not a single ground anywhere in those panels?

Perhaps this is what you have:

“Receptacle outlets were the 3-prong type and all were ungrounded. Although a ground isn’t required of 2-prong outlets, if the receptacle is 3 prong and ungrounded it gives a false sense of safety. Grounding of all 3-prong outlets, reverting back to 2-prong outlets, or protecting them with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) is recommended for safety reasons.”

Perhaps you have this:

“The home is wired mostly with 2-prong ungrounded receptacles. While common years ago and still acceptable today, the lack of a grounding conductor will limit the use of certain appliances, computers, etc. that require a ground. Dedicated circuits may have to be run to properly and safely use such appliances. You should consider having a qualified licensed electrician evaluate the wiring if this is a concern to you.”

If you didn’t see the grounding electrode conductor, state exactly that. In some parts of WI, they require 2 ground rods.

As for ground wires… it looks like EMT is in use. That serves as your ground for all outlets.


What do you see wrong with “them”?

Obviously the lack of grounding in the sub panel is in the report. However, what threw me off what that every outlet (all 3-pronged) is grounded (according to 3 different testers). In the main panel, there are a few circuits with ground wires but not all. I did write up the lack of proper grounding but am confused as to why my testers were telling me otherwise. —The circuit that exits the sub panel to the bottom just feeds one outlet an my tester showed it to be grounded???

Did you read the responses?

Ah yes, sorry posted to fast.

I don’t see how reporting that the receptacles or subpanel are ungrounded is accurate. As mentioed the EMT can serve as an EGC. The receptacles would require a bonding jumper to the metal box or the use of a self-grounding receptacle. Even without either of those aforementioned objects a tester would likely show that the device were grounded just by the contact of the 6-32 screws connecting it to the box.