Grow house in my home town

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Homeowner’s legal fate in the hands of Justice Robert Scott

Marijuana raid

By Jason Miller

Posted 1 hour ago

A Belleville superior court judge has two weeks to deliberate on the future of a Toronto woman charged in a 2009 regional drug sweep.
Ying Huang was charged following raids that revealed marijuana plants at Belleville and Brighton properties she purchased about two months before the bust was made, the court heard.
Justice Robert Scott is scheduled to release his verdict Aug. 26. He will also be deciding the fate of John Huang, 45, who served as the real estate agent who aided the purchase of nine of the 11 local properties hit during Project Industrious, one of the largest drug busts ever in the Hastings County.
The four-day trial for both accused concluded Friday and included testimony from local real estate agents who helped launch the investigation after noticing several deals were being brokered at the same time and several drug enforcement officers who spearheaded the regional sweep that resulted in charges against 12 people.
During his submissions, prosecutor, Patrick Hurley said that Ying Huang was not only spotted with one of the key players behind the “criminal enterprise” but she was instrumental in purchasing houses transformed into “indoor factories to grow marijuana.”
He said she attempted to cover her tracks by impersonating her sister, before she was discovered by a local realtor who noticed the name on a document.
“That’s what happens when you live your life with two identities,” Hurley said.
She even used a lease agreement to try and “insulate” her from any wrongdoing because she can blame the tenant, Hurley claimed.
Ying Huang’s lawyer Peter Zaduk stressed his client is a business woman who didn’t reside at any of the homes used as marijuana grow-ops.
He said she had no knowledge the two locations were being used as grow-ups shortly after she purchased the houses, one of which was located on Hickory Grove Drive in Belleville.
“Merely being the landlord of the grow home is not sufficient,” he said.

The seizure of 22,000 marijuana plants involved drug searches in various municipalities, including Bancroft, Sharbot Lake and Toronto areas, in several locations including Hickory Grove, Chelsea Crescent, University Avenue and Tracey Park Drive in Belleville and on Redwood Crescent in Kingston and Seneca Avenue in Brighton.
The first two phases of the bust occurred June 16 and 17, 2009, when marijuana growing operations inBrighton, Belleville and Toronto were raided by police.
Since then, the majority of the accused have pled guilty to drug-related charges. All were Chinese or Chinese immigrants to Canada. Some were deported while others were given conditional sentences and asked to pay thousand of dollars to local charities.
The Crown also seized a plethora items including appliances and properties belonging to some of the accused who pled guilty during the court proceedings over the last two years
The following have already pled guilty to drug-related charges: Fang Chen, 35, Liang Chen, 41, Yuan Tai Zhang, 36, Shu Jei Lee, 45, Qui Fang Lin, 45.
The remaining group includes Xin Ci Wang, 40, Bing Zhi Liu, 38, 25-year-old Zhen Wang and Fen Xing Chen, 52.

There was a grow-op bust on the East Hungerford Rd. in Hasting County last Feb. or March. The House sold last summer and is about 4Km from our hunt camp, from what I hear they were also Asian.
I have been out with the RCMP Siezed Property Guys twice in the last 2 weeks both houses used for grows. First was a small grow less than 100 plants white guy, the last over 2500 plants Asian grower, the house was a mess, holes cut floors, water damage, mould and the main service was damage and all utillities turned off.

I did an inspection for an Asian (there was about 6 at the inspection) 8 years ago the owner had hung him self in the shed Left two Great kids 14 and 15 .
The Mother had done the same thing a year earlier .
It was turned into a grow house .
Lasted about 5 months till shut down .
A close friend of mine was wanting to buy a grow House full of mould needed a lot of work .
She wanted this so bad I told her it could never get a Mortage ,she said she did not need a mortgage , I finally got het to talk to her lawyer .
He said He loves Grow Houses , Can you say litigation,litigation,litigation,I sure make a lot of money on Grow houses ,
She finally changed her mind and found the perfect Home in town and is now happy she listened to Us and the lawyer .
I have another friend who thinks Grow Houses could be a great buy even though no Bank in Canada will ever give a mortgage on a grow house they are Banned for life.

I have done a few for Asians same thing lots of them at the inspection. At one there was this one guy running around taking measurements, he had a ladder looked in attic and was very interested in the size of the service that came into the house. After the inspection called my contact at the RCMP.

There is a liquor bar in my neighborhood, and a grow room in my neighborhood. Both are legal here in Boulder, Colorado.

Guess which one is the source for all the fights and car wrecks?

A friend of mine (RCMP) busted three houses in town owned by the same person. I have inspected one, foreclosed one and watched the third one get bulldozed over. I had no idea they were linked until we were talking about the one I foreclosed on and all the extra plumbing in the basement, turbine vents installed in the attic and the furnace installed in the attached garage. I had called up the home I inspected as a possible grow-op. the realtor was so mad she reported me to the real estate board. They were going to pull my contract until I phoned the city and verified that is was indeed a grow-op. The reator has not used me since. This is beginning to be a major problem in our little city of 28,000.