Only In Canada

Mobile Grow house here today caught tomorrow. Again the Mounties catch there man. Motorhome houses grow-op on error resume next MM_FlashCanPlay = ( IsObject(CreateObject(“ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.” & MM_contentVersion))) By Jennifer FeinbergThe Progressjfeinberg@theprogress.comAug 15 2006 RCMP uncovered an unusual marijuana grow-op in Agassiz Friday that was set up in a motorhome. Officers from Agassiz and Chilliwack RCMP seized 286 plants and two pounds of bud from a motorhome that was parked in a garage of a residence on Pioneer Avenue. “The grow operation occupied most of the motorhome space,” said RCMP media liaison Const. Bert Paquet. The plants seized were about 18 inches high, and were ready for harvesting, he said. Although no electrical by-pass assembly was being employed by the grow operators, the power to the house was still disconnected by BC Hydro officials, due to what they deemed as unsafe and hazardous electrical conditions. A District of Kent official was on-site and the district will be taking legal action using the municipality’s health and safety legislation. “Charges will be laid in this matter, pending further investigation,” said Const. Paquet. Roy Cooke


The last time I was in Ottawa they were smoking weed and hash on street corners, they change the laws in the last 20 years?

Dale, yes the rules have changed. Now it must be smoked only on the inside of the house of parliament. but no tobacco though!

I don’t doubt it.

Trying to remember way back when, I think they were vending weed on the corner in Ottawa, but maybe it was Montreal.

Montreal was kind of a blur, so I could be wrong there.

You forgot the eh! in the title for this thread.:slight_smile:

If you were in Montreal that was most likely where you saw the consumption of Cannabis Sativa on the street. When you come up from the subway at Atwater St. you can usually buy anything you like From pot to coke. The most common refrain is “got really good Black Hash, Man”