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Good Afternoon to all. I am currently a submariner in the US Navy and have begun the learning process for the home inspection business. I have about two years left to begin planning my next career with the capital both time and money to begin my quest. This seems like a very lucrative dynamic career that offers plenty of challenge and ample reward for those who prevail. I am currently enrolled in an online course and have begun purchasing other books to help with the educational process. I have read through the forum and have a couple of other general questions. First off, what books does every one recommend reading for the inspiring home inspector? I realize that the best tool is hand on experience with inspections, but of course there is always the concern with me becoming direct competitors. How do I go about and approach Home Inspectors for help and guidance. Additionally any other words of advice, discouragement, or any comments are greatly appreciated. I am in the learning process and am looking for as much advice and knowledge I can gain. I thank every one for their time, consideration, and any responses.

Thomas Garnick


I found this to be one of the best:

Order a sample copy.


Real Estate Home Inspection, Mastering the Profession by Rusell W Burgess is an excellent book. Thank you for your service and good luck to you

“21 Things Every Home Inspector Should Know”

Practical Advice for Building a Successful Home Inspection Career

By Frank Cook and Pat Remick

Get it from Dearborn Home Inspection Education, Amazon, or, I believe, this NACHI site…

If you plan on doing business in a state that
requires a license, then you might need to
check and see what are the approved courses.

I have seen people pay lots of money, only
to find out that their courses where not
approved or recognized by the state.

The Complete Book of Home Inspection by Norman Becker is a good overall book. Principles of Home Inspection Systems and Standards by Dearborn Press is an excellent (and very detailed) reference.

Thanks for your service to our country. Please feel free to stop by this board in the future. Happy New Year!

Also, if you can, find an active NACHI chapter in your area, go to their meetings and talk to their members. NACHI members are the most willing-to-help in the industry.


First of all, thank you for your service, it is appreciated by this inspector.

In regards to becoming a home inspector and I am sure I will get some guff about this, but it has served me well.

  1. Start researching information, this MB is a good place to start, but a lot of information is in the Member Only section such as marketing, legal, etc.
  2. Start your business modeling, get with a VA rep on base, they can give you very valuable information and contact with a local SBA rep off base.
  3. The SBA will tell you and advise you on a business plan which is part of business modeling. This will help you obtain funds as needed to capitalize your business.
  4. Business planning is very important and one crucial item that believe it or not that is not required by SBA is contingency planning especially for the small business owner. Contingency planning is a game of “What ifs” that deal with risks caused by disasters both professionally and personally.
  5. Marketing is also a very crucial and important part of business modeling, you need to make sure there is enough funds to market without effecting your capital and salary.
  6. Establish your goals realistically, you are new, so it will take awhile to get established and have a stable revenue stream.
  7. Part of the business plan is know your competitors and what they do and don’t do. This takes a lot of research, and don’t be surpised, you will have problems getting this information but be dilgent and keep at it.
  8. Once you have this completed and before you sign the dotted lines, check the state you plan on doing business in for requirements to practice home inspections.
  9. Check into training schools, select a school who has instructors that not only teach but practice home inspections, the more experienced the instructor is the better the class will be by his experience. I do not like on-line schools, you do not get the personal one-on-one relationship that is very important to learning the HI trade. I know one school where the instructors are very good and have been around for quite some time. They are honest and tell you like it is. Also it is a good idea, to get a good business course under your belt as well and yes you also need to get computer training as well to understand business application and knowledge, DO NOT GO CHEAP ON EDUCATION, it will pay benefits for you later.
  10. Pass NACHI’s On-line test and Join Us, get involved in the MB and ask questions, do not be afraid of asking questions, that how we learn, pay attention to the more experienced inspectors who have been around the block for a couple of years, you will soon know who they are.

There is more, but remember your business is only good as your plan, the more work you put into it, the better off you are and do not forget to play the “What if” game and put it in writing, you will be a leg up on most of your competitors.

Again, thank you for service and I as a vet wish you the very best in your future. If I can be of help, please PM me.

And read this post by a seasoned inspector……46&postcount=8

I greatly appreciate every ones time, consideration, and willingness to provide me with a little guidance. I am still currently working hard and have begun my journey. I will be posting for further help or opinions and will keep all posted on my overall progress. Again, I thank you all and hope to hear from you all again in the future.

Very Respectfully,
Garnick, Thomas