GutterStuff Introduction

Thanks to Nick and his staff for inviting me to your studio to show Internachi membership GutterStuff, the innovative, affordable invisible and effective gutter protection product that is extremely easy to install and is available now at your local hardware stores nationwide.

GutterStuff is an outdoor durable foam filter insert that is simply inserted into the gutter, allows an enormous volume of water to flow through while keeping the leaves and debris from entering the gutter.

Please call or email me for questions. Keep you eye out for more information and Nick’s and my interview with Nick on Nachi.TV

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Thanks Ted, it was fun!

I saw it on a house about a year ago and it is impressive and simple idea.

It is a great product. And Ted is working on a rebate plan and discount for InterNACHI clients. The show is coming soon with Paige installing it to show how simple it is to use.

Wow… if Paige can do it, anyone can…:mrgreen:
Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

You’re welcome Nick.

Valerie was right about the rebate. We are in the process right now of creating the website page for Internachi members. The members and their customers will be able to receive a rebate when they buy GutterStuff.

GutterStuff prevents mosquitos from breeding in the gutters and fits in the standard 5" K style gutters - the most common on the residential home market.

Other sizes and shapes are available for half round and fascia style gutters.

This is a do it yourself gutter protection product.

GutterStuff can be purchased at your local hardware store like Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware, Do it Best Hardware,,

Thanks and more to follow.

I’m looking forward to the video and this new product.

I’ve seen so much garbage out there that claims to keep the leaves out, but it doesn’t mention that it keeps the water out too. The gutter helmet for instance. I’ve been on home inspections 9while it was raining heavily) where this particular product was installed and observed roof water bypassing the gutter helmet and the actual gutter and flowing down right next to the house. Useless product…

Thanks for telling me shortly AFTER I installed another gutter filter system on my own! Damn rain storms couldn’t have waited a few more weeks …:frowning:

When I saw the sample I wondered how it would preform in Winter on my North facing gutters that tend to ice dam.

Maybe Ted has a different answer, but I don’t think GutterStuff would help alleviate or contribute to ice damning.

My concern was with snow falling on top of the foam product and then melting and and later freezing, turning the foam into a mass of ice.

Well, if it melts to water, I’d assume it would not hold up in the foam as the foam has big pores, not like a car sponge or anything. I don’t know though. Maybe Ted will come back and answer soon.

I here your concerns and I think I understand the question. Our experience with GutterStuff in the winter season is that it sit in the gutter and will become surrounded by ice if the gutter is subjected to ice damming already. Ice dams are a result of the warm air from the inside of the home melts the snow on the roof due to a lack of insulation at the point where the ice damming is occurring. Adequate insulation and ventilation will eliminate the problem and ice damming won’t occur.

If ice damming does occur, and GutterStuff is in the gutter, the GutterStuff will become surrounded by ice (the GutterStuff itself doesn’t absorb water like a sponge) and it will displace water that would have been in the gutter, therefore making the gutter lighter than it would have been. If the homeowner experienced icicles already they will still get icicles hanging from the gutter. The GutterStuff won’t dent, cave in or crush due to the weight of the ice and snow. Once the gutter thaws out, the GutterStuff will remain in the gutter as it was when it was originally installed. I will continue to perform each year as it was intended which is to keep your gutter from clogging an allowing the water to run away from the house and the foundation walls.

Thanks Ted.

My ice damming happens over my garage door area. The garage is unheated.

I know that’s odd.

I think what may me happening is snow melts higher on the roof on sunny days and the water runs down to the gutters and freezes in the down spouts that never get sun on the North side.

It was my first winter in this place and I haven’t quite figured it out yet.

When it finally gets warm enough to melt the roof snow the gutter and the downspout are still frozen.

It it happens again next winter I may have to add a gutter melt system.

Will your product have any problem with the cable in the gutter?

Show us the video already…


That makes a lot of sense. The basic principle of freeze thaw is occurring even though there is cold space inside the building. The snow melts when it gets warm and then refreezes again when it get cold.

I have had experience with ice melt systems in conjunction with GutterStuff and they work well together. You can wrap the heat cable below the GutterStuff and then again over it. It’s best if you can run the cable through the downspout twice and to run it out the downspout enough to get the water running away from downspout. Don’t worry, the cable will not be too hot for the GutterStuff and will not melt it.


Thanks, I may well give it a try. I’m tired of cleaning gutters, especially the ones 22ft off the ground on the backside of my place.

Ted how often does it need to be removed and washed to clean any build up of dirt etc?

Actually GutterStuff should remain in the gutter. Rather than removing the product, the manufacturer suggests to use a water hose or a leaf blower, not a broom or brush, and spray or blow the debris off the top of the GutterStuff. This is only recommended if the debris isn’t blowing off the gutter naturally with the wind. The reason they say not to use a broom or brush is to avoid disturbing the top surface of the product. This information is in the 5 year performance warranty information that can be seen on the GutterStuff website at

Thank You, I saw it on a house where the home owner had died and had no idea what it was called or where to get it. It did appear to be working very well I have to admit.