Hairline Ceiling Cracks

Hey fellas,

I was performing a home inspection on a 2006 built townhome and notice a hairline crack on the bedroom ceiling (running from the top wall to middle of the ceiling). I tested with the moisture meter and it tested dry. No signs of roof leaks in the attic as well. However, they’re signs of normal settlement on the exterior (picture included). Pictures of interior and exterior included.

What’s your thoughts on this one?

Back in '04-'06, you were lucky to see one coat of mud on the wallboard seams at any new construction site, let alone enough “workmanship” to stop movement cracks between adjoining panels.

Similar (and much worse) issues with the “stucco” covering on the exterior…


My thoughts…“There is a hairline crack on the ceiling, likely caused by normal settlement”.

Picture 1 & 2 looks like no dry wall tape was used .#3 a settlement crack

With cracks on both on the exterior and interior it appears there has been some substantial settlement of the home. Is the house sited on a steep slope?

Cracks noted in drywall at multiple localized areas.Have a competent contractor evaluate and repair as needed.

At the time of the inspection, we found minor (i.e. hairline or less than 1/8" etc.) cracking on plaster walls and/or ceilings in some areas. These can be repaired the next time any painting is done in these areas.

So what type of exterior was that, stucco or EIFS? Whatever, they will need to seal that crack.

Plus the cage on the probable dryer vent and the “apparent” missing kickout flashing.

It’s hard coat stucco.