Wall cracks

I received these two photos from a friend of cracks in their wall. Home built in mid 80s truss system. This is on 1st floor and this room opens to a cathedral ceiling living room. Friend said it’s been an on going problem. I know it’s not much to go on but any ideas of cause? Humidity problems? Bad tape job? Is there any questions I should them ask that may help in diagnosing the problem?

A foundation issue would be my guess.

Likely settlement.

Appears to be some compression / settlement going on at the bearing point in the framing. Does not appear to be foundation related. Happens a lot with sloppy framing and final loading of the roof. Off hand, I would say cosmetic damage due to slight settlement, movement. But I would call it out for further review for CYA.

I got another photo, wider angle.

That one doesn’t look so much like settlement.

So ignore what I said and go with what Brad said. :wink:

I vote compression. What was above this wall?

I haven’t been inside the home, only received these pics. This is 1st floor. I’m told it opens to a cathedral ceiling (side that crack is on). I just think there is bedrooms above this area.

Every home here in KC has cracks like that. Pretty normal for us. You have to take in the consideration of the age of the home. Newer homes use wood that is not dry, and as the home ages, the wood dries out more, and cracks show up in drywall seems and corners, especially near the center of the home. Look at the lower levels, the upper levels, attic before you make a determination.