Handicap access

If a buyer is wheelchair bound, are HIs required/equipped to determine if a property is suitable? Do HIs ever inspect ADA compliance in regards to ramps, thresholds, sinks, toilets etc?

No. ADA compliance inspections are way, way, way too nutty and expensive. www.nachi.org/accessibility.htm is the way to go. InterNACHI’s simple checklist gives your client all the information they could possibly want, and you can procure it for them for a reasonable price. InterNACHI’s accessibility checklist works for residential and commercial properties.

Is there any certifications for inspecting ADA compliance? I have a very rich history of residential, hospitality, and commercial ADA compliance, and would love to back it up with some certification(s).

Yes, which is why you don’t want to offer/perform ADA compliance inspections.

Go with www.nachi.org/accessibility.htm It’s everything your client wants in one easy-to-understand checklist.