Hanging mold in crawlspace

I’ve spotted what looks like mold hanging from a the floorboards in a crawlspace. I can’t find anything on the Internet regarding this type of growth. I’m hoping someone can identify it. Thanks a bunch!!

Anthony, you can send a sample in to your lab to have it identified…or, refer it out.

possibly stemonitis
requires lab verification
Stemonitis sp. - Google Search

Hey Larry, Barry,

I figure I’d have to refer to a specialist. I was just hoping to provide some sort of a description before doing so. I had someone mention it looked like the remnants of a new hive, however, this is seen in several areas in the crawlspace. There is a lot of moisture in the crawlspace so I figured it’s a bio-growth of some sort.

Thanks for the feedback!


Considering there are 100,000 types of mold in the World, only a lab specializing is this type of identification would be accurate.:slight_smile:

Refer to it as a suspicious, fungus-like infestation and defer to a qualified mold inspector.

You don’t need to identify the type or species. You should report the presence of wood destroying fungus on the sub-floor and recommend remediation. You should report the wood moisture content and your views on the quality of ventilation, the presence of plastic on the ground, etc. The mold is a symptom of a moisture problem. If there was damaged wood, you should of course report that.