Happy Birthday Lisa Endza...

**Hope you have an awesome birthday! **


Happy birthday. Enjoy your day :slight_smile:

Happy 21st Birthday Lisa

Happy Birthday Lisa! We could not run InterNACHI without you. You are one of the the hardest-working people I know.

Happy Birthday Lisa!
It’s your turn to have slipped out to nicer weather. Hope you’re having fun out there!

Dang Kenton, don’t you all understand it’s spring time :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!!

We went straight to summer here .

Happy Birth Day Lisa!


Happy birthday Lisa! Hope you’re having a damn fun time. :smiley:

Lisa took the good weather wither. We’re having March in April this year.

Happy B day:D:D

Happy Birthday Lisa. All the best to you. Celebrate hard. It is well deserved.

Enjoy your birthday vacation Lisa. Well deserved.

Have one on me Lisa, was great to meet you at the AC convention!


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Lisa and wish you many more. :slight_smile:

I’ll tell you a funny story about Lisa. I met her for the first time, many years ago, in Nederland, Colorado. She had answered my help wanted ad. During the interview, she talked straight for a full hour without coming up for air. She stopped long enough for me to finally end the interview. I told her I’d call her about the job that evening. She left. My staff, who overheard the interview, assumed I wouldn’t be offering her a job. They assumed wrong. That night, she became our Director of Communications. LOL She is awesome.

Agreed Nick, she has helped me a lot in the past 8-9 years.

Happy Birthday again Lisa, you are great. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Lisa!!