Happy Birthday, Lisa!

May 1st is Lisa :smiley: Endza’s birthday- and a bit of a “Mayday” :frowning: also, as she recently had an unfortunate incident with her vehicle along the twisty road to Nederland - shortly before completing a move to the flatlands! :roll:

We really appreciate all you do, Lisa - hope all the bad news is done as you start a new year - anew!!! :wink:

She survived thank God. Happy Birthday Lisa.

\:D/ Happy Birthday Lisa \:D/
The NACHI office could not run without you and all the hard work you do.
It is not so bad having your birthday on Monday it gives me plenty of time to plan the best Friday night you ever had.


Happy Birthday Lisa!

We love you Lisa!! Happy Birthday! (24 now, right?) :wink:

Thanks all, actually I’m 21, or at least that’s what I dreamt last night…lol

Happy Birthday Lisa. I would have said something sooner if I was more aware. :slight_smile:

Hope you have a great day. Sorry to hear about your accident.

Glad to hear you’re Ok and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Hug the pugs for me.

I wanna be there for that . . .

Happy Birthday Lisa, you make everything around here more interesting. :slight_smile: Love ya - hope you have a great night and new year!