Happy Birthday Nick

Happy birthday Nick, 51? (for tomorrow) and you already got a forklift??

Single digits away from 60.

and it will be the fastest single digits you have ever gone through…

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No matter what you do tomorrow, enjoy it


Do not do anything stupid…Happy Birthday…:slight_smile:

Best Wishes. Don’t light any candles. Colorado has seen enough wild fires. :wink:

All hail our fearless leader! :mrgreen:

Have a fantastic birthday, Nick!


Happy Birthday Nick!

Happy Birthday Nick.

Happy Birthday Nick

Nick, single digits away from 70 are even quicker. LOL

Happy Birthday my friend. :):smiley:



Happy Birthday Nick!

Happy Birthday Nick !


Happy B"earth"day Nick!

Congratulations on your survival of yet another year.

Happy Birthday

Wishing you many more…enjoy!